James M. Affolter Larry R. Beuchat Professor for Annual and Perennial Ornamental Plant(Interest: Herbs and medicinal plants, plant conservation)
David Berle UGArden Director and Undergraduate Program Coordinator; Areas of Interest: urban and small farm organics, medicinal herbs
Julie Campbell Assistant Research Scientist
Kate Cassity-Duffey Assistant Professor; Areas of Interest: Organic Production
Dario Chavez Associate Professor; Areas of Interest: Peaches
Joann Conner Associate Research Scientist; Areas of Interest: Apomixis
Patrick J. Conner Professor; Areas of Interest: Pecan breeding
Timothy Coolong Professor; Areas of Interest: Vegetables
Mark Czarnota Associate Professor; Areas of Interest: Weed science
Angelos Deltsidis Assistant Professor; Area of Interest: Postharvest Physiology
Juan Carlos Diaz-Perez Professor; Areas of Interest: Vegetables, plasticulture, protected agricultural technologies, organic production
Sheri Dorn Public Service Associate and State Master Gardener Coordinator; Area: Consumer Ornamentals
Rhuanito Soranz Ferrarezi Associate Professor; Area of Interest: Controlled environment agriculture
Rachel Itle Assistant Research Scientist; Area of Interest: Fruit Production and Genetics
Anish Malladi Associate Professor; Areas of Interest: Pomology
Ted McAvoy Assistant Professor; Area of Interest: Vegetable production
Cecilia E. McGregor Associate Professor; Areas of Interest: Cucurbit breeding, genetics and genomics
Savithri Nambeesan Assistant Research Scientist; Areas of Interest: Ripening and post-harvest physiology
Peggy Ozias-Akins D.W. Brooks Professor (Areas of Interest: Molecular genetics of plant development)
Bodie V. Pennisi Professor; Areas of Interest: Commercial landscape
Carol D. Robacker Associate Professor; Areas of Interest: Ornamental breeding
Zilfina Rubio Ames Assistant Professor; Areas of Interest: Blueberries and small fruits
John M. Ruter Allan M. Armitage Professor and Director, Trial Gardens at UGA; Areas of Interest: Ornamental Breeding and Production
Esther van der Knaap Professor; Areas of Interest: Tomatoes, genetics and genomics, plant development
Marc W. van Iersel Vincent J. Dooley Professor in Horticulture (Areas of Interest: Crop physiology and nutrition)
Lenny Wells Professor; Areas of Interest: Pecans
Bob Westerfield Senior Public Service Associate; Areas of Interest: Consumer fruits and vegetables
Dayton Wilde Professor; Areas of Interest: Molecular biology
Donglin Zhang Professor; Areas of Interest: Ornamentals

Adjunct Faculty

Tom Kon Adjunct Assistant Professor
Scott Merkle Adjunct Professor of Horticulture
Cristina Pisani Adjunct Assistant Professor



Off Campus Faculty

Wayne E. Mitchem

Extension Associate; Areas of Interest: Regional Orchard and  Vineyard Floor Vegetation Management Specialist



Emeritus and Retired Faculty


Allan M. Armitage

Professor Emeritus


Michael Dirr

Professor Emeritus


Stanley J. Kays

Professor Emeritus


More about Stanley J. Kays

Postharvest Biology by Kays and Paull


David Knauft

Professor Emeritus


Gerard Krewer

Professor Emeritus


Jeff Lewis



Orville M. Lindstrom Jr.

Professor Emeritus


Harry Mills

Professor Emeritus


Tim Smalley

Professor Emeritus


Darrell Sparks

Professor Emeritus


Hazel Y. Wetzstein

Professor Emeritus