Experiential Learning

Horticulture and Experiential Learning

All incoming UGA students are required to fulfill a university-wide experiential learning requirement. For students in Horticulture, this requirement is easily met in a number of ways.

Horticulture is uniquely positioned to provide many services to families in need, non-profits and schools in the local community. The Horticulture Department is recognized on campus and throughout the Athens community as an active participant in community projects and a leader in UGA service learning. Through service learning, horticulture students learn practical horticulture skills while helping others. Horticulture students have many opportunities to participate in projects through specially designed service-learning courses (AESC 2990S, HORT 3333S, HORT 4030/6030S, HORT 4095S).

For horticulture students who just want to get more engaged in the local community through food, the Horticulture Department has teamed up with the UGA Office of Service Learning to sponsor the Grow it, Know it program, Campus Kitchen and UGArden.

Horticulture students have many opportunities to study and work abroad. The European Garden Study Tour (HORT 3900) is a very popular, long-running program that takes students on a journey through European culture, history and plants. Also available is HORT3050, Viticulture and Enology, where students travel to Cortona, Italy. For details see CAES International Programs.

Horticulture students can elect to take HORT 4960R, Faculty-Mentored Undergraduate Research I, and conduct research of their own design. They can also get connected with research opportunities through the Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities (CURO).

Another option for Horticulture students to fulfill the experiential learning requirement is to take HORT 3920 UGArden Internship, HORT 3040S Botanical Garden Internship. These are offered during the regular semester, and summer, for students who might not be able to leaver Athens to complete the departmental internship requirement. Other regularly offered internships include the CAES Extension Intership, the UGA Trial Gardens Internship and the Horticulture Winegrowers of Georgia Internship. Visit our internship webpage for more information.

Horticulture Undergraduate Advisor

Katie M. Norwood Academic Advisor
Office of the Associate Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs

Horticulture Undergraduate Coordinator

The Horticulture Undergraduate Coordinator can be reached at HORTBSA@uga.edu