Undergraduate Advisement in Horticulture

Horticulture provides one-on-one advising for all undergraduate students. Students meet with their advisor every spring and fall to plan their academic pathway and select courses for the upcoming semester. The Academic Advisor insures students are on track to complete their degree in a timely manner and assist our students when making decisions about courses, degree selection and career goals.

Every horticulture undergraduate student is assigned a Faculty Mentor who assists with internships and planning for career goals. The Faculty Mentor helps horticulture students select the best courses to support career opportunities that fit the needs and interests of the individual student.

Use the link below to schedule an appointment through SAGE during advisement periods for course registration. For advisement support and duscussions outside of course registration periods, email to make an appointment with our undergraduate faculty advisement team or reach to our Undergraduate Advisor via email.

Horticulture Undergraduate Coordinator

The Horticulture Undergraduate Coordinator can be reached at

Horticulture Undergraduate Advisor