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Graduate Research Assistantship 

University of Georgia – Tifton Campus

Department of Horticulture


The University of Georgia is seeking a qualified individual to pursue a doctoral degree in Horticulture.  This position is primarily located in Tifton, GA and will provide financial support through a graduate research assistantship (tuition waiver, health insurance, and annual stipend).  Research will focus on managing whitefly and whitefly transmitted viruses in tomato, squash, and green beans.  The student will be expected to conduct field trial germplasm screenings in these crops for resistance to tomato yellow leaf curl virus and cucurbit leaf crumple virus.  In addition, the individual would collect virus samples in commercial vegetable fields throughout Georgia to identify virus strains and virus complexes.  The last scope of the project would identify weeds that serve as alternative hosts to whitefly transmitted viruses in vegetable crops.  Ideally the position will begin Spring 2022, but no later than summer 2022.     

Student Assistantship Application Information

MS Postharvest Physiology

The Postharvest Physiology Lab and the Peach Research and Extension at the University of Georgia are recruiting for a Master’s student with interest in peach postharvest physiology to be based in Tifton, GA. The selected student will enroll in Summer or Fall 2021 and will have two years of financial support (tuition waiver, health insurance, and annual stipend). The student will conduct on-farm and laboratory trials comparing the effects of different harvest and postharvest techniques on the postharvest quality and shelf life of the fruit. Additionally, the selected student will investigate methods to improve and streamline the existing postharvest practices in commercial settings working in collaboration with local Georgia Peach Council members. The study aims to find ways to facilitate and streamline the current harvest and postharvest methods, and ultimately increase the profitability of peach cultivation in the State of Georgia. The student will work in an interdisciplinary team comprised of specialists in peach production and postharvest physiology. Experiments will combine farm and laboratory activities at the UGA Tifton and Griffin campuses and commercial farms in South Georgia.

Student Assistantship Application Information