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Research Geneticist (Plants) (Quantitative) (Post-Doctoral)

Posted 8/10/2022

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Southeastern Fruit and Tree Nut Research Laboratory, Byron, GA seeks a Research Geneticist (Post-Doctoral, GS-11, salary commensurate with experience) with expertise in molecular biology, genomics, bioinformatics, and plant physiology. The incumbent’s primary responsibility is to conduct research on the analyzing with appropriate genomic tools (genome by sequencing (GBS), GWAS, and bulked segregant analysis (BSA)) phenotypic data and identify single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) associated with particular traits. The work will involve specimen collection, isolation, experiment, and analysis using molecular, genomic and bioinformatic tools according to established principles and procedures. The work will specifically include (but is not limited to) identification of genomic elements associated with phenotypic traits including bud break, flower initiation, and nut quality traits that will result in identification of SNPs linked to important genes of interest that will aide in the development of markers and may be used for developing new and improved cultivars for MAS in pecan. The incumbent will plan and design appropriate experiments, perform them and analyze the results of the investigations. The incumbent will be responsible for searching scientific literature for principles, methods, and procedures and selects the most appropriate approach selected for the research goals determined by the lead horticulturist in the unit. A record of work will be maintained in official laboratory and field notebooks and with the incumbent participating in the preparation of data for scientific and technical reports and manuscripts. Local and domestic travel will be required for fieldwork and to attend training and scientific meetings and conferences. The incumbent will be prepared to perform other duties as assigned by the unit leader. Applications will be reviewed as they arrive. USDA-ARS is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer.

All applicants must provide 1. a resume/CV, 2. Ph.D. transcripts, 3. 1-page dissertation, and 4. a list of publications.

Email your application to cristina.pisani@usda.gov


Cristina Pisani, PhD

Research Horticulturist


21 Dunbar Rd.

Byron, GA 31008, USA

Tel: 478-956-6451

Fax: 478-956-6459 

Email: cristina.pisani@usda.gov

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