HORT 2000 or 2000E
Sustainable Plant Production 

ProductionHORT 2100
Horticultural Professionalism

HORT 3010
Introduction to Vegetable Crops

HORT 3020
Introduction to Fruit Crops

HORT(AGED) 3030-3030L
Floral Design and Management

Viticulture and Enology in the Mediterranean Region

HORT 3140
Interior Plantscapes
More about HORT 3140

HORT 3200
Protected & Controlled Environment Horticulture

HORT 3300
Organic Gardening (3300E Online)

HORT 3333S
Conserving Native Plants

HORT(BTNY)(ANTH) 3440 or 3440E
Herbs & Medicinal Plants

Residential Landscape Construction

HORT 3500-3500L
Herbaceous Perennials I

HORT 3510-3510L
Herbaceous Perennials II

HORT 3620-3620L
Plant Propagation

HORT 3630-3630L
Nursery Management
Offered spring semester.

HORT 3650-3650L
Inheritance of Plant Traits
Offered spring semester every year.

HORT 3720
Woody Landscape Plant Identification and Use

HORT 3900
Horticultural Study Tour
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HORT 3910
Horticulture Internship
HORT 3910 Internship Agreement Form (PDF)

HORT 3920
UGArden Internship

HORT 4030S/6030S
Sustainable Community Food Production

HORT(AGED) 4040/6040
Floriculture for Educators

HORT 4045/6045
Gardening for Teachers

HORT 4050/6050
Greenhouse Management I

HORT 4070/6070
Special Problems in Horticulture I

HORT 4080/6080
Special Problems in Horticulture II

HORT 4090
Landscape Horticulture

HORT 4091
Horticultural Professional Practices
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HORT 4095S/6095S
GPS/GIS Applications for Landscape Managers

HORT 4096
Organic Agriculture Seminar

HORT 4125/6125
Organic Agricultural Systems

HORT (PBGG)(CRSS) 4140/6140
Plant Breeding

HORT 4430 or 4430E/6430 or 6430E
Plant Physiology

HORT(CRSS) 4440/6440-4440L/6440L
Environmental Physiology

(HORT)CRSS 4590/6590
Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition

HORT(CRSS) 4800/6800
Agricultural Biotechnology
NOTE: Offered at Tifton Campus only

Agroecology of Tropical America Field Trip
NOTE: Course will be offered again in 2 years, 2014 (every other fall)

HORT 4990/6990
Environmental Issues in Horticulture

AESC 2990S
Understanding and Communicating with the Latino Community in the Green Industry

AESC 4095
Undergraduate Research in Organic Agriculture

AESC(FCID) 4920S/6920S
FOCUS (Fostering Our Community’s Understanding of Science):
Service Learning Experience

AESC 4950
Organic Agriculture Internship