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Major in Horticulture - BSA

The Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (B.S.A.) in Horticulture gives our graduates a strong background in plant sciences and complimented with technical courses providing the knowledge to purse their dream horticulture career.

The horticulture degree teaches the science of plant growth and development as well as the management of economic crops and enterprises. Many horticulture courses incorporate experiential and service learning as a way to learn by doing.

  • First first two years: horticulture students follow a standard science core supplemented with foundation horticulture courses.
  • Second two years: horticulture students select from a wide range of courses in horticulture and related disciplines to provide a balance of science and technical skills.
  • Transfer students from other academic programs or schools: the horticulture program is transfer friendly. Students transferring from out of state or non-USG schools should refer to our curriculum and the UGA Transfer Equivalency website.


UGA Double Dawgs Program Information for Horticulture Students

The Double Dawgs program was created to allow highly ambitious students the opportunity to earn both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in five years or less. Undergraduate students interested in participating in the UGA Double Dawgs program, should engage in a conversation early in their time at UGA with the Horticulture Undergraduate Advisor and then with the Horticulture Graduate Advisor to discuss opportunities along this path.
To assure academic success, it is advised that undergraduates interested in pursuing a Horticulture Double Dawgs degree (B.S.A. and M.S.) investigate this program in their freshman year and have a full plan developed with a Master's graduate faculty advisor in their sophomore year. To successfully complete this program with a single year for a master's degree, students should be fully enrolled as a double dawg in their junior year. Please see the Horticulture Double Dawgs program webpage for more information and email for to initiate an academic discussion and planning.


You can select this link to find horticulture student testimonials about our program.


Horticulture BSA Curriculum Requirements and Guide


The horticulture curriculum is flexible, allowing students to focus on subjects related to career and personal goals. Because of this flexibility, Horticulture majors may be able to complete a second degree or complete one of many certificate programs offered at UGA.

For a detailed list of required courses and options, please refer to the Major in UGA Bulletin webpage. You can select Horticulture or use this Horticulture Course Requirements link for a guide to our curriculum. We have prepared a printable version in PDF that you can find in this Horticulture Curriculum Guide link.

Hydroponics students grow tomatoes, HORT 3200
Hydroponics students grow tomatoes, HORT 3200

Horticulture Undergraduate Advisor

Horticulture Undergraduate Coordinator

The Horticulture Undergraduate Coordinator can be reached at