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Plant pathologist Lee Burpee discusses disease control at the 2008 UGA Turfgrass Field Day. CAES News
Turfgrass field day
If caring for turfgrass is in your job description, the University of Georgia has planned an event just for you. The UGA Turfgrass Field Day will be filled with everything you ever wanted to know about turfgrass and much more.
World Cup grass
The World Cup is the premiere stage for soccer, the world’s most popular sport. This year, part of that stage is covered in a grass developed by a University of Georgia turfgrass breeder on the UGA campus in Tifton, Ga.
Safe foods
A recent report in the journal Pediatrics suggests a possible link between organophosphate pesticides and increased risk of children developing attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. The report has some parents wondering if they should stay away from the produce aisle in the grocery store. University of Georgia experts say to learn the facts, thoroughly clean all produce and feed healthful fruits and vegetables to children.
"Your Southern Garden" host Walter Reeves. CAES News
Your Southern Garden
Learn about native azaleas, pest-resistant roses and lawn irrigation on “Your Southern Garden” with Walter Reeves May 29 at 12:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. on Georgia Public Broadcasting.
"Your Southern Garden" host Walter Reeves. CAES News
Your Southern Garden
It’s time to sharpen your lawn mower blade and spray for weeds if you want terrific turfgrass for the summer. Find out tips for doing it right on “Your Southern Garden” with Walter Reeves on May 22 at 12:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. on Georgia Public Broadcasting.
University of Georgia research technician Rodney Connell prunes turfgrass samples in a greenhouse on the campus in Griffin, Ga. CAES News
Turf greening up
Homeowners and landscapers are beginning call their University of Georgia Cooperative Extension office with questions about warm-season turf lawns. Many are concerned that their lawn has been a victim of "winter kill" and they are looking for a solution to the problem.
Fawn with spots grazes on a landscape in North Georgia. CAES News
Deer-tolerant Plants
Spring is the perfect time to add new flowers and trees to your home landscape. However, deer may love the new addition as much as you do.
Japanese beetles dine on canna lily branches CAES News
Home landscapes = beetle buffet
Japanese beetles and other summer beetles will soon be busy chewing plants. University of Georgia Cooperative Extension agents get the most calls about these destructive garden pests in June and July.
James Worley maintains turfgrass with a mower at the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences in Griffin, Ga., July 26, 2005. CAES News
Golfing for science
Golfers can bid online now to tee up at the most exclusive golf courses in the Southeast and help fund turfgrass research while doing it.
Rolls of sod CAES News
Sod inspection
Homeowners may know to inspect potted plants for diseases, insects and other signs of an unhealthy plant before buying them. But University of Georgia Cooperative Extension specialists say sod should be inspected, too, before it’s rolled out and installed.