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Dr. Casey Ritz is an Extension Poultry Scientist with the UGA Poultry Science Department. CAES News
Ammonia reduced in poultry bedding, manure.
According to a University of Georgia poultry specialist, if chickens eat a bit of charcoal it helps lower the amount of ammonia in their manure, which can lead to happier, healthier and more environmentally friendly chickens.
Roosters in a laboratory on the University of Georgia campus in Athens, Ga. CAES News
Organic poultry feed contained no salmonella
Salmonella appears on organic poultry farms less often than conventional poultry farms, according to a recent University of Georgia study.
John McKissick gives the 2011 Ag Forecast in Gainesville, Ga., on Monday, Jan. 24. CAES News
Ag Forecast 2011
Georgia farmers are staring at record prices this year for the crops they grow. But high crop prices aren’t good for all, particularly for those who raise animals, said a University of Georgia economist.
Athens, Ga., was blanketed in snow and then ice, much like the rest of north Georgia, on Jan. 9, 2011. The aftermath left homeowners and agribusinesses alike trying to dig out of the storm. CAES News
Winter storms
Severe winter weather struck Georgia last week. The dangerous mix of snow and ice that locked down much of the middle and northern parts of the state brought unusual winter worries to farmers in those regions.
A University of Georgia research technician holds a chicken at a poultry research facility on the main campus in Athens, Ga. CAES News
UGA aids African poultry production
The University of Georgia has received more than $440,000 as part of a collaborative research, outreach and education program aimed at encouraging sustainable poultry production in the west African country of Mali.
Tift County 4-H'ers win national poultry judging honors. CAES News
Poultry judging champs
On Nov. 19, the local sheriff’s department escorted four Tift County teenagers into Tifton, Ga. It might sound like a parent’s nightmare, but the escort actually made parents proud. The reason for the eventful arrival: poultry.
UGA poultry science professor Mark Compton teaches high school students how to tie a surgeon's knot. CAES News
Avian adventures
The chicken was out cold when Brooke Chrisley tied her first surgeon’s knot. Her fellow students occasionally gently pinched the bird’s toe to make sure it was still anesthetized.
A University of Georgia research technician holds a chicken at a poultry research facility on the main campus in Athens, Ga. CAES News
Avian Adventures
Rising high school juniors and seniors, who happen to also be bird-lovers, can get a personal introduction to the world of avian science through a three-day camp at the University of Georgia in Athens, Ga.
Steaks on the grill. CAES News
Meat Prices
In the past two years, consumers have witnessed record-high and rock-bottom food prices. Now, along with the economy, prices are picking up. Increases in demand are driving consumer meat prices higher.
Leaner chicken
By studying its body and genetic makeup, a University of Georgia geneticist wants to develop a chicken that converts its food into muscle mass, not fat, or simply one that is more healthful for consumers to eat.