Major and Areas of Emphasis

Flowers in greenhouse


Major in Horticulture (BSA Degree)

To meet the growing demand for knowledgeable professionals, the horticulture department offers a bachelor of science in horticulture. The horticulture program allows students to select from four areas of emphasis so that they can focus on the fields that they find most interesting.

Course requirements

Areas of Emphasis

Landscape Contracting

The landscape contracting emphasis focuses on ornamental plants and landscape design, installation and maintenance. Graduates may secure careers as landscape contractors, garden designers, golf course superintendents, garden center managers, urban foresters and other related professions.  

Sustainable Food Production

The sustainable food production emphasis provides students with an understanding of how to grow fruits and vegetables using organic and other sustainable practices. Students may take courses outside the department to learn about animals, field crops and aquaculture, as well as the many social aspects of sustainable food systems. Graduates find opportunities as farm managers or community garden coordinators, and some operate their own small farms.  

General Horticulture

The general horticulture emphasis permits a broader range of study. Students take courses in fruits, vegetables, ornamentals and greenhouse crops. Graduates find careers at garden centers, nurseries, greenhouses, theme parks and botanical gardens. Others become plant inspectors, county agents and horticultural instructors.  

Horticultural Science

The horticultural science emphasis is designed specifically to prepare students for graduate study in the sciences with a foundation in horticulture. Students take a range of horticulture courses as well as courses in subjects like statistics, chemistry, and genetics to prepare them for master's and Ph.D. programs in horticulture and related fields.